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Mikayla Dukes & Ronnie Gideon
Shower Date: October 14, 2017
Wedding Date: November 4, 2017

Gift Registry

Item No.QuantityItem DescriptionCostAvailable or Sold 
306441Swan Creek Candle- Honey Baked Apple $12.95
306481Swan Creek Candle- Spiced Sangria$ 21.95Available
442931Swan Creek Candle- Indigo Skies$ 17.95Available
310081Sm Metal Candle Holder$22.95Sold
310071Med. Metal Candle Holder


35931Snap & Seal Red$18.95Sold
02811Ceramic Spoon Rest$ 7.95


282641Stainless Avocado$14.95Available
296981Grip E2 Mini Whisk$5.95SOLD
115211Bread Knife$19.95Available
64671Spring Form Pan$31.95Available
289471Strawberry Lemonade Mix$7.95SOLD
289461Front Porch Lemonade$7.95SOLD
7556 1Salad Server Set$34.95Available
256521Cake Server Elk$16.95Available
37521Ramekin w/ lid-  Turquoise$9.95SOLD
37531Ramekin w/ lid- Yellow$9.95


37111Ramekin w/ lid- Red$9.95SOLD
253941Wave Sponge$10.95Available
247371Turquoise Dry Mat$9.95Sold
135581Pioneer Woman Cookbook$29.95Available
264161Pioneer Woman Dinner Time$29.95Available
287351Iris Clear Pitcher$24.95SOLD
442941Swan Creek Candle- Wildflower Meadow$17.95Available
288451Non-stick Baking Pan$21.95Sold
108541Cooling Rack$15.95Available
64491Lg Cookie Sheets (3pc set)


309931State of Mind$39.95Available
310091Tin Cont. W/ License$27.95Available
464871Sweetness Cookbook$16.95Sold
309871More Home Clip$21.95Sold
5881110" Red Pie Dish$23.95SOLD
35951Thermal Ice Bowl$26.95Available
33231Copper Meas. Spoon$19.95Available
33211Copper Meas. Cups$21.95Sold
39501Copper Med. Bowl$26.95Sold
415281Tyler Candle 11oz$15.00Available
429161Kathina Room Spray$9.95Available
464421Entitled Glomour$29.50Available
318498Dinner Plate$14.954 Sold  4Available
318508Salad Plate$10.954 Sold 4 Available
318518Bowl$11.954 Sold 4Available
318528Mug$8.953 Sold 5 Available
318531Serving Bowl$26.95SOLD

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