SOItem No.QuantityItem DescriptionCostAvailable or Sold 
288231Mason Jar Salt&Pepper Set$7.95Available
3521Copper Spoon Rest$13.95Available
501151Glass Salt&Pepper Jar Set$7.95Available
310101Tin Silverware Container$31.95Available
407341Non-Scratch Scrubber E-Cloth$9.95Available
406761General Purpose E-Cloth$8.95Available
303411Chic Wrap$12.95Available

Cucumber Wet-It Sponge

295271Veggie Dry Mat$14.95Available
264161Pioneer Woman Cookbook$29.99SOLD

Crockin' Life Cookbook

289191Crumb Cookbook$27.50Available
464971Dog Mom Dish Towel$11.95Available
303521Stir Things Up Dish Towel$7.95Available
439861Magic Slice Cutting Board$11.95Available
252861Poppy Oblong Silicone Lid$19.95Available
287051Daisy 11" Green Lid$14.95Available
100671Grip Splatter Screen$21.95Available
644913PC Cookie Sheet Set$54.95Available
309951Well With My Soul Sign$20.95Available
294291Kiss the Cook Sign$24.95Available
3022218x10 Rustic Picture Frame$24.95Available
3021815x7 Distressed Frame$22.95Available
3022114x6 Antique White Frame$29.95Available
282651Steel Potato Masher$14.95Available
310001Lg. Wall Coordinate Sign$26.95Available
309921Feels Like Home Sign$37.95Available
464711Meat Claws$16.95Available
50541TX Bar Board$23.95Available
464661Cast Iron Comal Pan$21.95Available
04121Med. Scroll Easel $9.95Available
58731White Baker Dish$9.95Available


1Snap 'N Seal Lime$18.95Available
318496White Dinner Plate$14.95Available
318506White Salad Plate$10.95Available
318516White Bowl$11.95Available
318526White Mug$8.95Available
318542Serving Platter$26.95Available
318532Serving Bowl$26.95Available

Micah Cisneroz & Trent Taylor

Shower Date: September 16, 2017

Wedding Date: October 21, 2017

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