SOItem No.QuantityItem DescriptionCostAvailable or Sold 

47752High Maintenance Wash$7.25
418611High Maintenance Auto Glam$2.25
416151Bless Your Heart Melt$2.25
307011Honeycomb Turquoise Fragrance Warmer$11.95
429031Clear Tall Pitcher$23.95SOLD
22971Crockin Girls Slow Cooker Cookbook$32.95SOLD
289261Pioneer Woman Cooks$27.95SOLD
303582Flower Shower Towel$7.95SOLD
3036013 pc Mitt/Towels$13.95SOLD
76031Cake Server$16.95
277481Summer Rain Candle$19.95
429351Veggie Sack$12.95SOLD
296991Half Spatula$6.95SOLD
180331Silicone Pot Holder$7.95SOLD
496831Green Colander$9.95SOLD
243931Multi Zig Zag Towel$9.95SOLD
285551Wire File Holder$29.95SOLD
267261Stripe Dish Towel$5.95SOLD
115501Mini Measure Cup$6.95
64481Jelly Roll Pan$20.95SOLD
439901Dough Mat$21.95
64511Extra Lg Sheet Pan$31.95SOLD
249251Ribbed Flower Holder$
64501Qtr. Sheet Pan$17.95SOLD
184874Poppy Soup Bowl$14.00
184784Poppy Dinner Plate$19.002 SOLD
307484Turquoise Dinner Plate$19.00 SOLD
169244Turquoise Salad Plate $14.003 SOLD
184924Poppy Salad Plate$14.00SOLD
1074614Turquoise Soup Bowl$14.00 SOLD
3384571Poppy Oval Platter$23.00SOLD
307511Turquoise Sauceboat$43.00SOLD

Marla Crim & Chance Bragg

Shower Date: April 1, 2017

Wedding Date: June 10, 2017

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