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1Country Canister Set


243931Multi Zig Zag Towel$9.95SOLD
302931Silverware Holder$34.95
302971Mini Rooster Folding Chalkboard$9.952 SOLD
302951Skillet Wall Clock$32.95SOLD
426171Cucumber Olive Soap$7.95SOLD
284492Cupcake Holder$6.95
46221Mixer Mate Bowl$17.95
406751Deep Clean Mop$40.95
407371Deep Clean Mop Head$15.95
406801Kitchen Cloth$8.95
406761General Purpose Cloth$8.95
407391Wash Wipe Dish Cloth$8.95
406861Window Pack$15.95
406721Bathroom Pack$15.95
407321Range Stove Top Cloths$16.95
267261Cool Yule Dishtowel$5.95
64222Scarlet Coaster$3.95
64202Lemongrass Coaster$3.95
33102Calypso Coaster$3.95
96281Set 3 Mix Bowls$17.95SOLD
58731White Baker$9.95SOLD
58751Yellow Baker$9.95SOLD
79571Zesty Towel$6.95
76781Turquoise Mini Baker$7.95SOLD
37121Red Mini Baker$7.95SOLD
35931Red Snap N Seal$18.95SOLD
280761Fiesta Steak Knives$62.50SOLD
496631Pinch Bowl$8.95
115501Mini Measure Cup$6.95
297001Silicone Baking Mat$16.95SOLD
239732Pot Clips$9.50
363552My Fave Scraper$1.95SOLD
11538Mini Tong Gloves$4.95
455882Woodland Spreader$11.47
481011White Nested Bowls Set 4$41.95
282541Fluted Tube Pan$15.95
64671Spring Form Pan$31.95
644419" Pie Pan$17.95
288451Non Stick Bake Pan$21.95SOLD
300911Small Etched Tray$6.95SOLD
300931Med Etched Tray$12.95SOLD
300941Lg Etched Tray$14.95SOLD
59801Green Rectangle Dish$25.95
58811Red 10" Pie Dish$23.95
258191Banana Pudding Recipe Pan


380519x13 Turquoise Baker$31.95SOLD
268466Multi Salsa Appetizer Plate


287351Iris Clear Pitcher$24.95
246374Iris Margarita Glass$9.95
64406Iris Clear Glass$9.95
464701Perfect Grip Red 3 Pc$19.95
272871R Mat Insert$8.95SOLD
272701Scroll Mat$14.95SOLD
287141Daisy Sipper Set$11.95
496991Slotted Spatula$3.95SOLD
263161Poppy XSmall Drink Cover$9.95
287091Daisy 8" Green Lid$10.95
287061Daisy 11" Yellow Lid$14.95SOLD
255671Oval Banana Leaf$17.95
293481Key Picture Frame$17.95
284891Muffin Magic Cookbook$15.95
42051Crockin Life Cookbook$31.50SOLD
256011Lily Pad Bottle Stop$2.95SOLD
263171Poppy Bottle Stop$2.95SOLD
439831Chili Pepper Cutting Board$11.95
302941I Love Hugs Sign$12.95
302981Enjoy Chalkboard$19.95
422481Ceramic Can White$11.95
422471Ceramic Can Red$19.95
303071Glass Jar w/Churn$32.95
464711Meat Claws$16.95
441741Crisp Cotton Melt$7.95
442231Thai Pear Melt$7.95
442311Cafe Au Lait Melt$7.95SOLD
171822Sunflower Dinner Plate$19.00SOLD
304331Sunflower Sugar Pkt Caddy$19.00
304361Sunflower Java Mug$14.00SOLD
304402Sunflower Oval Casserole$25.00
304441Sunflower Range Top S&P Set$40.00SOLD
304461Sunflower Sugar/Cream Tray Set


304281Scarlet Chilibowl$14.00
284731Scarlet Bread Tray$28.00
181731Scarlet Oval Platter$38.00
171841Scarlet Salad Plate$14.00
171811Scarlet Dinner Plate$19.00SOLD
304351Scarlet Sauceboat$43.00
304371Scarlet Java Mug$14.00
284752Scarlet Oval Baker$25.00
304451Scarlet Loaf Pan$50.00
304292Lemongrass Chili Bowl$14.00
304341Lemongrass Lg Pitcher$58.00
304381Lemongrass Java Mug$14.00SOLD
304412Lemongrass Oval Casserole$25.00
304431Lemongrass Egg Tray$37.00SOLD
304302Lapis Chilibowl$14.00SOLD
304311Lapis Covered Casserole$100.00
304321Lapis Tortilla Warmer$62.00
171862Lapis Salad Plate$14.00SOLD
171832Lapis Dinner Plate$19.00SOLD
304391Lapis Java Mug$19.00SOLD
304422Lapis Oval Casserole$25.00
243091Multi Color 11 pc Knive Set$145.00
304264Lapis Coaster$4.00
304271Sunflower Chili Bowl$14.00SOLD
171851Sunflower Salad Plate$14.00
304248Poppy Calypso Tumbler$16.00
171971Lemongrass Salad Plate$14.00SOLD
171982Lemongrass Dinner Plate$19.00SOLD
284801Scarlet Covered Casserole$100.00
178591Lapis Oval Platter$23.00

1Mixer Lamp$74.95SOLD

Lesleigh Conway & Patrick Ring

Shower Date: April 22, 2017

Wedding Date: May 20, 2017

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