Item No.QuantityItem DescriptionCostAvailable or Sold 
42051Crockin' Life Cookbook$31.50SOLD
407551Peach Floral 17oz$27.95


1Set 3 Paring Knives$13.95SOLD
106821Serving Knife$16.95SOLD
3147712pk Med Universal Bowl lid$20.95SOLD 
281521Burgundy Mimi Muffin Pan$16.95SOLD
439261Poppy Magic Slice$11.95SOLD
439931Fall Colors Magic Slice$11.95SOLD
100671Grip Splatter Screen$21.95SOLD
157551Digital Thermometer$13.95SOLD
6244164 oz Batter Bowl$24.95SOLD
318741Dog House Towel$8.95SOLD
33241Copper Spoon Rest$13.95SOLD
33211Copper Measuring Cups$21.95


33231Copper Med Bowl$26.95SOLD
46881Copper Lg Bowl$41.95SOLD
29451XXL Mixing Bowl$26.95SOLD
269641Coffee Spoon$11.95

Laci Harris & Ethan Patton

Shower Date: January 27, 2018

Wedding Date: March 3, 2018

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