Gift Registry
Item #DescriptionPriceQuantity


28735Clear Pitcher24.951


24637Margarita Glass9.950SOLD
​28734Cake Plate/Stand42.951


318713Pc Flour Sack Towels13.951Available
43581Level-up Measure Cup21.501Available
7555Salad Serving Set33.951SOLD
5873White Covered Baker9.953Available
34143Silicone Baking Mat16.951Available
30581Tube Cake Pan27.951Available
24858Bottle/Metal Holder17.001Availablee
42720Kitchen Shrubbie 6.951Available
42721Shaggie Towel8.951Available
34142Stainless Flour Sifter14.951Available
31866Metal Picture Fram19.951Available
644512 Cup Muffin Tin30.951Available
64493 Pc Bakeware  Set54.951Available
299852 Pc Metal/Wood Storage41.951Available
48102White Confetti Covered Bowl15.951Available
3765White Ramekin w/Lid9.952Available
33710Honey Jar19.951SOLD
33726Patterned Baker11.953Available
33722Ceramic Rolling Pin21.951SOLD
34141White Mixing Bowl22.951Available
33727Ceramic Pie Plate22.951Availablee
33606Decorative Metal Watering Can18.951Available
33714Ceramic Juicer18.951Available
21097Small Clear Bowl17.951Available
302235x7 Distressed Wood Picture Frame19.951Available
30341Plastic Wrap Dispenser12.951SOLD
5864White Oval Serving Bowl26.951SOLD
46487Sweetness Cookbook16.951Availablee
4205Crocking Life Cookbook31.501SOLD
10854Bake Cooling Rack15.951SOLD
10067Silicone Splatter Screen21.951Available

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Conor Wilson & Brady Miller

Shower Date: May 5, 2018

Wedding Date: July 7, 2018