Item No.QuantityItem DescriptionCostAvailable or Sold 
33717112" Pig Canvas


439271Savory Magic Slice Cutting Board



496931Favorite Scissors


279131Savan Cream Spoon$16.95Available
296451Love Bacon Cookbook$19.99Available
115501Mini Silicone Measuring Cup


282641Stainless Avocado 


282731Cheese Knife$14.95Available
332662Silicone Spatula$8.95Available
337261Hand Stamped Baking Dish$11.95Available
435791One & Done Seasoning$8.95Available
337121Kitchen Measurements Magnet$9.95Available
341411Grip EZ Mixing Bowl$22.95Available
58731White Baking Dish$9.95Available
37111Red Ramekin w/ Lid$9.95Available
37652White Ramekin w/ Lid$9.95Available
316271BBQ Multi Tool$32.95Available
337201Mango Wood Salad Server$29.95Available
100671Grip Splatter Screen$21.95Available
108541Cooling Rack$15.95Available
492811Small White Bucket$8.95Available
492821Med White Bucket$10.95Available
493071Large White Bucket$12.95Available
284401Red & White Serving Spoons$13.95Available
427211Cream Shaggie Towel$8.95Available
62601Spice Tea Towel$7.95


310081Small Metal Candle Stick$22.95Available
310071Medium Metal Candle Stick$26.95Available
378971Paper Chip Holder$13.95Available
378941Paper Nut Holder$8.95Available
378961Salsa Holder w/ Dish$15.95Available
378951Guacamole Holder w/ Dish$15.95Available
435811Red Levups Measuring Cups$21.50Available
305811Fluted Tube Cake Pan$28.95Available
64471Rectangular Cake Pan$26.95Available
64521Meat Loaf Pan$27.95Available
644419" Pie Pan$17.95Available
644618" Square Cake Pan$18.95Available
644913PC. Lg. Cookie Sheet Set$56.95Available
6445112 Cup Muffin Pan$30.95Available
341441Wonder Cup$16.95Available
343771Fluted Pie Pan$27.95Available
340641Large Botanical Oil 
340681Lavender Essential Oil$7.95Available
2962912 in 1 Flickering Candle Warmer$20.95Available
176181Cowboy Wax Melt$2.25Available
474471High Maintenance Wax Melt$2.25Available
346531Super Scraper$1.95Available
50541TX Cutting Board$23.95Available
327791Deere Crossing Puzzle$15.95Available
327001Happy Everything Platter$29.95Available
59821Warms My Heart Bouquet$10.95Available
492801Farmhouse Pitcher$21.95Available
45910222" Ivy Bush$12.95Available
20011Sunset Daisy Bouquet
336031Large Spigot Planter$27.95Available


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