SOItem No.QuantityItem DescriptionCostAvailable or Sold 
644913 PC Cookie Sheet$54.95SOLD
296361Red Mixer Mate Bowl$17.95SOLD
239811 Squish Measuring Spoons$8.95SOLD
239801Squish Measuring Cups$14.95​SOLD
258141Bread/Tomato Knife$16.95SOLD
100671Red Splatter Screen$21.95Available
252861Poppy Oblong Silicone Lid$19.95Available

Red Pasta Bowl S/5

496831Green Squish Colander$9.95Available
169241Turq. Salad Plate$14.00Available
169341Turq. Dinner Plate$19.00SOLD
178351Turq. Soup Bowl$14.00SOLD
171142Turq. Mug$14.00SOLD
171861Lapis Salad Plate$14.00SOLD
171832Lapis Dinner Plate$19.00SOLD

2Lapis Soup Bowl$14.00Available
171631Lapis Mug$14.00Available
171972Lemongrass Salad Plate$14.00Available
171982Lemongrass Dinner Plate$19.00SOLD

1Lemongrass Soup Bowl$14.00SOLD
178901Lemongrass Mug$14.00Available
171841Scarlet Salad Plate$14.00Available
171812Scarlet Dinner Plate$19.00SOLD

1Scarlet Soup Bowl$14.00Available
171411Scarlet Mug$14.00Available
284801Scarlet Covered Casserole Dish$100.00SOLD
304321Lapis Tortilla Warmer$62.00SOLD
37581Red Casserole Dish$16.95SOLD
304451Scarlet Loaf Pan$50.00SOLD
319321Sunny Stripe Dish Towel$9.95Available
62411Sm. Green Baker w/ Lid$17.95SOLD
62541Lg. Green Baker w/ Lid$36.95SOLD
428961Red Egg Crate$11.95SOLD
319476Tapered Drinking Glass$7.00Available

Bridget Cowan & Kameron Mazurek

Shower Date: October 7, 2017

Wedding Date: November 18, 2017

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